Volunteer To Help The NCBS Events You Love In 2013

2013 Volunteers Welcome!

2013 Volunteers Welcome!

It’s the time of year when the Northern California Bluegrass Society is planning, planning, planning for all the musical fun for 2013. And you can have fun being a part of it all!

Volunteer to help out with a NCBS event you love:

January — Bluegrass On Broadway

February — San Francisco Bluegrass & Old Time Festival

March — A brand new festival on the Coastside (Exciting details soon!)

Spring — More bluegrass fun in the Napa Valley!

May — Santa Cruz Bluegrass Fair

July & December — Boulder Creek Bluegrass & Old Timey Festival

August — 20th Annual Good Old Fashioned Bluegrass Festival

October — Jake’s Brown Barn Bluegrass Reunion

There are many other fun NCBS events and projects. One will be perfect for you!

Talk to NCBS President (Michael Hall) hallmw (at) gmail (dot) com about your interests (650) 218-9845, or check with any NCBS project leader or volunteer for more information.

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