2013 Northern California Bluegrass Awards Finalists Are Announced

The voters have spoken. Here are the Finalists for the 2013 Northern California Bluegrass Awards. Congratulations!

1. Bluegrass Band

Bean Creek

Blue & Lonesome

Central Valley Boys

Dark Hollow

Snap Jackson & The Knock On Wood Players

Windy Hill

2. Male Vocalist

Luke Abbott

Pete Hicks

John Kornhauser

Billy Pitrone

Yoseff Tucker

3. Female Vocalist

Pam Brandon aka Belle Monroe

Sarah Eblen

Kim Elking

A. J. Lee

4. Guitar

Billy Pitrone

David Thom

Yoseff Tucker

Yvonne Walbroehl

Mike Wilhoyte

5. Mandolin

Ed Cirimele

Kim Elking

Pete Hicks

Ed Neff

Nate Schwartz

Roger Siminoff

6. Banjo

Luke Abbott

Larry Cohea

Rob Horgan

Snap Jackson

Victor Skidanenko

7. Fiddle

Pete Hicks

Paul Lee

Ed Neff

Mark Wardenburg

Lee Anne Welch

8. Dobro

Lisa Berman

Will Forte

Rachel Franklin

Jim Mintun

Charlie Wallace

9. Bass

Lisa Burns

Dave Gooding

Jennifer Kitchen

Linda Maki

Louise Mintun

Suzanne Suwanda

The Northern California Bluegrass Awards will be presented in Redwood City on Saturday, January 26, 2013. The ceremony and concert is part of the FREE weekend-longĀ Northern California Bluegrass Society Bluegrass On Broadway Festival.

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