Friday Night Bluegrass Dining To Open Bluegrass On Broadway Festival January 25

The FREE Sixth Annual NCBS Bluegrass On Broadway Festival (January 25-27) will open with An Evening Of Bluegrass Dining In Downtown Redwood City on Friday, January 25.

A. J. Lee

A. J. Lee

FRIDAY, January 25

An Evening Of Bluegrass Dining In Downtown Redwood City — Reservations Are Recommended:

A. J. Lee & Friends Р7:00-9:00pm, Little India (Indian), 917 Main Street, (650) 361-8737.

Jean Butterfield — 7:00-9:00pm, Buri Tara (Thai), 911 Main Street, (650) 257-7594.

The FREE¬†Northern California Bluegrass Society’s Bluegrass On Broadway Festival at various venues in Redwood City receives principal financial support from the Redwood City Civic Cultural Commission, the Redwood City Public Library, and the Tapestry Church.

Saturday Concert Schedule

Sunday Bluegrass Film Festival

Sunday Closing Concert

Friday early arrivals at the bluegrass festival will be able to view and have their picture made with the San Francisco Giants World Series 2010 & 2012 Trophies which will be on display in the town square 11:00am-1:00pm.

Jean Butterfield

Jean Butterfield

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