Performance Schedule For Brown Barn Bluegrass Festival Announced

Here is the schedule for the October 11-13, 2013, NCBS-welcomed Brown Barn Bluegrass Festival, presented by The Music Medics and the Quesenberry Family at the historic Franklin Ranch in Gilroy.

FRIDAY, October 11

6:00 — Steep Ravine
7:00 — California Pearly Blue
kyle-mccabe-hat-brown-barn8:00 — Bean Creek
9:00 — Pleasant Valley Boys

SATURDAY, October 12

11:00am — The Sisters Grim
Noon — One Grass Two Grass Red Grass Blue Grass
1:00pm — The Dim Lights
2:00 — Banjo Fiddle
3:00 — The Drifter Sisters
4:00 — Pine Ridge

The Historic Franklin Ranch

The Historic Franklin Ranch

5:00 — Dinner Break

6:00 — Cherry Pickers
7:00 — Central Valley Boys
8:00 — Alhambra Valley Band
9:00 — Snap Jackson & The Knock On Wood Players
10:00 — Windy Hill

SUNDAY, October 13

10:00am — Pine Ridge
11:00 — New Dog Old Tricks (Scott Gates)
Noon — Cliff Compton & Mountain Top


2 Responses to “Performance Schedule For Brown Barn Bluegrass Festival Announced”

  1. tmdanza Says:

    Is there camping on site? I can’t find any info on brown barn

  2. Michael Hall Says:

    This is a camping festival with great evening jamming. Info on The Music Medics website.

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