Breaking News: SF Bluegrass Venue The Riptide Burns, New CBA Website, Bluegrass To Continue As Amnesia’s Entertainment License Is Renewed

the-riptide-blue-signHere is the breaking news in the world of bluegrass music:

Longtime Bluegrass Venue The Riptide Burns In San Francisco

The Riptide, a venerable western San Francisco music establishment, burned in a mid-morning fire on August 18, 2015. The venue hosted many bluegrass shows over the past two decades. The only good news: The Riptide is is not RIP as the owners plan to rebuild.

New CBA Website Launches

The California Bluegrass Association has a new website. The new web address is <>.

Amnesia’s SF Entertainment License Is Renewed After Sale

At an August 18, 2015 hearing, the City & County of San Francisco renewed the entertainment license of key SF bluegrass venue Amnesia, following its sale to a new, bluegrass-friendly owner. The bar presents cover-free bluegrass music every Monday night throughout the year in addition to other bluegrass programming.


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