Saturday, December 12 Is Bluegrass Music Appreciation Day

bluegrass-music-appreciation-day-logo-2Saturday, December 12 is the fourth annual Bluegrass Music Appreciation Day — in Northern California and all around the world!

Banjo player Lee Marcus of South Carolina made the official announcement and and started BMAD on 12-12-12 (after thinking up the idea over Thanksgiving weekend — things happen fast on Facebook), and there were official celebrations around the world. It even received an official nomination for the 2012 Bluegrass Event Of The Year. So, that makes it an official bluegrass holiday (OK…at least to our way of thinking!).

So, you can celebrate alone or with others, spend the big money or have some bluegrass fun on the cheap, be loud or be quiet — but don’t forget to celebrate as you may!

Oh, and let’s be careful out there.

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