The Key Northern California Bluegrass Society Official Spring Events

Here are the key Northern California Bluegrass Society 2017 Official Springtime Events:


18 — Rob Ickes & Trey Hensley, Redwood Bluegrass Associates, Mountain View. (NCBS-welcomed)


10 — Brookdale Spring Bluegrass Festival, Felton. (NCBS-welcomed)

18 — The Stanley Sing, San Francisco. (NCBS-welcomed) FREE.

18 — John Reischman & The Jaybirds, Redwood Bluegrass Associates, Mountain View. (NCBS-welcomed)


22 — Final Redwood Bluegrass Associates Concert With Performers To Be Announced, Mountain View. (NCBS-welcomed)


6 — NCBS/SCBS Santa Cruz Bluegrass Fair, Santa Cruz. FREE.

20 — Redwood City 150th Anniversary Celebration Bluegrass Stage, Redwood City. (Hosted by NCBS) FREE.

20-21 — Pick & Gather Festival, Livingston. (NCBS-welcomed)

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