The Stoney Mountain Ramblers To Perform At Redwood City 150th Anniversary Concert Downtown

The Stoney Mountain Ramblers will perform at a FREE bluegrass concert followed by a full afternoon and evening of other music on Saturday, May 20, 2017 to celebrate Redwood City’s 150th Anniversary. The program is part of a day-long historical & cultural gathering held in downtown Redwood City.

The music is welcomed by the Northern California Bluegrass Society.

Main Street Stage

Noon – 27strings

1:00pm – The Stoney Mountain Ramblers

Other music on the Main Street and Courthouse Square Stages will run Noon-8:00pm. The bluegrass show will be in a downtown area where there are many restaurants that have outdoor seating with a view of the stage, in addition to other available seating.

The Stoney Mountain Ramblers

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