As a nonprofit organization, the NCBS is run by a board of directors elected by the membership. The 2012-13 board members are:

  • Nancie Barker
  • Bruce Bellocchio
  • Eric Burman
  • Bruce Edmundson
  • Penny Godlis
  • Michael Hall
  • Brenda Hough
  • Pan Logan
  • Mike Russell

The original Board of Directors of the Santa Cruz Bluegrass Society (circa 1983) which was taken at the Santa Cruz Yacht Harbor beach. From left to right: Walt Bamber, Kim Elking, Vance Townsend, “Bruddah” Glenn Christensen (co-founder), Karen Quick (co-founder), Bill Parker, Dick Clark, and Earle White. This was back in the days when order was kept at board meetings with battery-operated ray-guns.


NCBS Board Of Directors Candidate Statements Due June 1st For August 13th Election


The annual election for the Northern California Bluegrass Society Board Of Directors will be held at the Good Old Fashioned Bluegrass Festival at the San Benito County Historical Park, next to Bolado Park in Tres Pinos on Saturday, August 13, 2015, 10:00am-5:00pm, and by mail.

Candidate Statements are due to  (Linda Descoteaux) lindadakota (at) gmail (dot) com, editor of Bluegrass By The Bay magazine, by June 1, 2016, for publication in the July-August issue.

Statements are limited to 100 words and submission of a picture is optional. Information: (559) 222-1468.

NCBS Volunteer Uriah Langmeyer Replaces Elicia Burton On NCBS Board Of Directors

Uriah Langmeyer at work on Security & Art at the Good Old Fashioned Bluegrass Festival.

Uriah Langmeyer hard at work on security & art at the Good Old Fashioned Bluegrass Festival.

bglogoThe Northern California Bluegrass Society Board Of Directors has accepted the resignation of longtime board member Elicia Burton of Boulder Creek, who has served the organization as president & treasurer, and as a key volunteer. Burton recently moved to her new home in Washington State, where she will continue to play her fiddle and enjoy bluegrass music. Thanks to Elicia for her many years of service!

To fill the remainder of her term, the board has appointed NCBS volunteer Uriah Langmeyer of Aptos.

Langmeyer was born in Sandpoint, ID, but has been a Santa Cruz area local since the age of 7 years. He attended high school in Soquel and is a graduate of Cabrillo College, where he served in student government at both the local and state levels as the Regional Vice-President of the California Student Association of Community Colleges. As such, he helped organize statewide representation for students to the California State Legislature and the higher education authorities. His college majors were in communications and political science.

Uriah Langmeyer & Leolani Stanley

Uriah Langmeyer & Leolani Stanley

Rebuilding homes in Peru.

Rebuilding homes in Peru.

Uriah has worked in the gig economy since long before there was a gig economy. His business, A Little Bit Of Everything, serves a wide variety of area clients in need of computer, construction, problem-solving, and other services. His loving partner in bluegrass volunteering and in life is Leolani Stanley. They have a 10-year-old daughter, Marissa. In the past, Uriah went on an extensive “walkabout,” including a stop in Peru to help rebuild homes damaged in a natural disaster and, of course, volunteering as a staff member at a number of South American music festivals.

Uriah’s family was not especially musically-inclined, although they enjoyed listening. His father is an architect specializing in sustainable building, while his mother is a manager in the hospitality industry. He has one brother in the field of medical administration.

Marissa, Leolani & Uriah -- A festival family memory.

Marissa, Leolani & Uriah -- A festival family memory.

Elicia Burton

Elicia Burton of Sequim, WA.

In Northern California, Uriah and Leolani have volunteered at the Good Old Fashioned Bluegrass Festival, the Strawberry Music Festival, and at the High Sierra Music Festival. Uriah’s plan for his board service includes a focus on NCBS volunteer recruitment and organizing, as well as upgrading the graphics work for the various Society festivals and other projects. He has also made a suggestion about expanding the age range of band bookings that has been accepted by the board. He looks forward to helping NCBS make a smooth inter-generational transition over the coming years, as projects are passed on to a brand new generation of bluegrass fans and volunteers.

When he is not working and doing bluegrass music volunteering, he enjoys hiking, traveling, and gardening, as well as pursuing his interest in all kinds of art. His philosophy is to live his life to give as much as possible to the community, but one that also furnishes what he needs for himself.

NCBS Board Elects Officers For 2015-2016

ncbs-plain-logoThe Northern California Bluegrass Society Board Of Directors has elected officers for 2015-2016.

Vice-President — Bruce Bellochio of Brookdale

Secretary — Alison Steele of Boulder Creek

Treasurer — Bruce Edmundson of Sunnyvale

Michael Hall of Redwood City was previously elected president. The slate of officers will serve until the annual board elections are held at the Good Old Fashioned Bluegrass Festival in 2016.

Michael Hall To Serve As NCBS President For 2015-2016

Michael Hall

Michael Hall

Michael Hall of Redwood City has been elected to serve as president of the Northern California Bluegrass Society for the 2015-2016 term.

He looks forward to working with all of the members of the NCBS board and all the NCBS volunteers over the coming year.

He has previously served multiple terms as president and has been on the NCBS Board Of Directors since 1990. He publishes the NCBS Website and the NCBS Facebook Page, serves on the Good Old Fashioned Festival Committee, and helps with the Santa Cruz Bluegrass Fair.

He is the founder & festival director of the NCBS Bluegrass On Broadway Festival, including the Northern California Bluegrass Awards and the NCBS Bluegrass Film Festival. His most recent project is the joint NCBS/CBA Foggy Mountain Bluegrass Festival to be held on September 20 in Pacifica. He also the chair of the annual NCBS Volunteer Thank-You Party and serves as the Society’s Legal Counsel, as well as other volunteer efforts for the organization.

Hall is a 2003 graduate of the International Bluegrass Music Association’s Leadership Bluegrass Class and also serves as the founding chair of the IBMA Bluegrass Film Festival and on the IBMA Leadership Bluegrass Alumni Committee, and is on the IBMA Event Of The Year Committee and the IBMA Board Of Electors. He has taught IBMA Seminars on the subject of bluegrass organizational leadership, bluegrass film festivals, and online bluegrass publishing, communication, and promotion.

2015-2016 Northern California Bluegrass Society Board Of Directors Elected At Good Old Fashioned Bluegrass Festival

NCBS Board of Directors

NCBS Board of Directors

Brenda Hough

Brenda Hough

The 2015-2016 Northern California Bluegrass Society Board Of Directors was elected by the membership on Saturday, August 8 at the Good Old Fashioned Bluegrass Festival in Tres Pinos.

Bruce Bellochio (Brookdale), Eric Burman (Bonny Doon), Elicia Burton (Boulder Creek), Bruce Edmundson (Sunnyvale), Mike Fisher (Boulder Creek), Penny Godlis (Santa Cruz), Michael Hall (Redwood City), & Mike Russell (San Mateo) were re-elected.

Alison Steele of Boulder Creek was newly-elected.

Longtime board member Brenda Hough of San Jose retired from the board.

The new board will meet in September to begin planning Society activities for the coming year.