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Congratulations To Berkeley’s Kara Kundert And The Rest Of The Leadership Bluegrass Class Of 2018

Monday, March 12th, 2018

Congratulations to the International Bluegrass Music Association Leadership Bluegrass Class of 2018!

New graduate Kara Kundert of Berkeley is the Bay Area’s representative.

The Northern California Bluegrass Society is a longtime organizational member of the IBMA and NCBS Members are encouraged to apply for the next class, set for March 2019 in Nashville.

The Leadership Bluegrass Class of 2018: Front row: Greg Blake, Jessica Grossman, Stacy Chandler, Patricia Ann Eaves, Cathy Fink, Jeff Miller Second row: Scott Napier, Mollie Farr, Katie Keller, Landon Elmore Third row: Maria Ivey, Patricia Imbrogno, Emma John, Ivy Shephard, Jef Walter Fourth row: Adam Kirr, George Jackson, Bil VornDick, Brett Martin, Kara Kundert, Matt Miller Back row: Patrick M’Gonigle, Dan Eubanks, Lenny Nichols, Jeffrey Ludin (Photo: Alane Anno)

Annual NCBS Volunteer Thank You Party Will Be Held Saturday October 14

Friday, August 18th, 2017

The NCBS Volunteer Party!

The Northern California Bluegrass Society will honor and entertain the loyal, hard-working volunteers and bands from all of the various events and projects over the past year at the NCBS Volunteer Thank You Party on Saturday, October 14, 2017.

If you volunteered this year, look for your coveted invitation to arrive soon! And…thanks for your support!

Dave Wunsch Dies, Harmonica & Pennywhistle Player, Soon Followed By Wife Rosemarie

Monday, December 14th, 2015
Dave Wunsch

Dave Wunsch

Dave Wunsch has died at the age of 83. He was a bluegrass harmonica and pennywhistle player and also a singer, and was a longtime member of the Northern California Bluegrass Society/Santa Cruz Bluegrass Society. He directed that the following message be sent to his friends:

“This is your notification of the death of David E. Wunsch, formerly of San Jose, California; Orlando and Boynton Beach, Florida; Dallas, Texas; and Galesburg, Illinois. Mr Wunsch died on 11/17/2015. This notice is being sent to you at his request, by one of his survivors. Please take whatever action seems appropriate. Mr. Wunsch has suggested you should have either a shot of good scotch whiskey or a bottle of good beer. Tell your bartender that Mr. Wunsch is buying. Editorial comment: Dave’s estate is not buying. Your bartender will need to go after Dave.”

Dave was a well-known jammer who sat in at performances with many area bluegrass bands including Sidesaddle.  His talent and sense of humor made many a bluegrass social gathering glow brightly over the years. Dave was also fond of playing other acoustic music, including  old-time, folk, old-time country, celtic, dixieland, and old blues.

Dave was born in 1932 in La Junta, Otero County, Colorado to Aleck Wunsch and Kathryn Mae (Hardy) Wunsch.  Dave graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelors of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and from Southern Methodist University with a Masters of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. He started studying at night for a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, but found it got in the way of his higher priorities, such as playing music with friends.

Dave’s wife Rosemarie (Korajczyk) Wunsch died on December 6, 2015, 19 days after Dave passed. Dave is survived by two sons, Grant and Larry Wunsch, and by two sisters, Jayne (Wunsch) Dye and Margaret (Wunsch) Semple.

Dave was a fantastic Microwave engineer and over his career he set up numerous Microwave radio systems in the U.S. and other places around the world.  Later, he taught electrical engineering at San Jose State University.

A joint memorial service for Dave and Rosemarie will be held at a later date.

Dave’s friend Joe Weed wrote about Dave’s musical career:

David Wunsch left us all with colorful memories of his harmonica and penny whistle playing, his unique style of singing, his stories about country musicians he’d known in his days in Houston, and with a gaping void that nobody will fill.

David was passionate about music, and enthusiastic about playing. It didn’t matter what the music was, as long as it was rootsy and expressive. Bluegrass, country, celtic, old-timey, contra, jug-band, pizza parlor favorites — all of these lit a fire in David, and he would play any and all of the above as long as there was an audience. Or even longer.

I met David Wunsch in 1977, when I was playing with Chuck McCabe and Brandy Bento in a group we called the Pensacola Flash. At a gig one lonely weeknight at a bar in Campbell,  I noticed an odd-looking guy with a crew cut in the front table. He listened intently to everything we played, and clapped after every tune. Eventually he sent up a round of drinks. So we chatted on the break, and he told us he was drowning his pain in beer, because his wife Rose was in Chicago, taking care of her ailing mother.  He said his name was David Wunsch, and he played a little music as a hobby. He was there the next week, and told us he had his harmonicas with him. He asked if he could sit in with the band. Wary, as always, we waited until the end of our 3rd set, and then had him come up and play. One tune turned into 4 or 5, as frequently happened with David. And a friendship was born.

Later, when David learned I was trying to upgrade my fiddle amplification system, he insisted I bring the gear over to his bench at California Microwave after hours so he could help figure things out. Although he was working with microwaves in his current job, he had decades of experience working with analog circuitry, and I believe he relished the opportunity to help a starving musician. Eventually, after we carried my rig into his lab late many nights, when he should have been home relaxing, we made major improvements. He would never accept any pay.

I got to know Dave’s wife Rosemarie, as well as his two talented sons Grant and Larry. Dave became a grandfather and remembered the date of his grandson’s birth because it occurred on the 8th of January, the name of just one of the hundreds of tunes Dave knew and loved. His family all seemed to tolerate the unending line of old mid-sixties Dodge Darts that accumulated in front of Dave’s house, where he would pull parts from many to keep one running.

David and Rose came up to Marty’s and my wedding, which turned into a hellacious picking party at our home. David was probably the 2nd to last to leave — and I know this only because Debby Benton, the very last to go, left the next morning.

The last time I played with David, I invited him to join me with Fra Drumm at a St. Patty’s Day gig in San Jose last year. He loved sitting in and playing Irish tunes. He even sang Danny Boy.

I’ll miss David, and I know that like me, many others will keep a warm place in their hearts for this huge and musical person.

Dave Wunsch Memorial Facebook Page

Rosemarie Wunsch Memorial Facebook Page

– Michael Hall, Grant Wunsch, and Joe Weed

Northern California Bluegrass Society Fall & Winter Official Dates & Deadlines

Thursday, September 24th, 2015

ncbs-plain-logoHere are the key fall and winter official dates and deadlines for the Northern California Bluegrass Society:


26 — Northern California Bluegrass Awards Nominations Due.

September 29-October 3 — International Bluegrass Music Association World Of Bluegrass. (NCBS is a longtime organizational member of IBMA)


10 — Historic Santa Clara Train Jam. (NCBS welcomed)

17 — NCBS Volunteer Thank You Party.

17 — Redwood Bluegrass Associates Concert: The Piedmont Melody Makers. (NCBS welcomed)

20 — NCBS Bluegrass Film Festival Film Submission Deadline.


14 — Historic Santa Clara Train Jam. (NCBS welcomed)

14 — Redwood Bluegrass Associates Concert: California Banjo Extravaganza. (NCBS welcomed)


11 — Holiday Hootenanny. (NCBS welcomed)

12  – Historic Santa Clara Train Jam. (NCBS welcomed)

31 — Good Old Fashioned Bluegrass Festival Main Stage Band Application Deadline.


9  – Historic Santa Clara Train Jam. (NCBS welcomed)

23 — Redwood Bluegrass Associates Concert: Laurie Lewis & Kathy Kallick. (NCBS welcomed)

29-31 — NCBS Bluegrass On Broadway Festival.

2015-2016 Northern California Bluegrass Society Board Of Directors Elected At Good Old Fashioned Bluegrass Festival

Monday, August 10th, 2015
NCBS Board of Directors

NCBS Board of Directors

Brenda Hough

Brenda Hough

The 2015-2016 Northern California Bluegrass Society Board Of Directors was elected by the membership on Saturday, August 8 at the Good Old Fashioned Bluegrass Festival in Tres Pinos.

Bruce Bellochio (Brookdale), Eric Burman (Bonny Doon), Elicia Burton (Boulder Creek), Bruce Edmundson (Sunnyvale), Mike Fisher (Boulder Creek), Penny Godlis (Santa Cruz), Michael Hall (Redwood City), & Mike Russell (San Mateo) were re-elected.

Alison Steele of Boulder Creek was newly-elected.

Longtime board member Brenda Hough of San Jose retired from the board.

The new board will meet in September to begin planning Society activities for the coming year.

Northern California Bluegrass Society Late Summer Official Dates & Deadlines

Saturday, July 11th, 2015

Here are the late summer official dates & deadlines for the Northern California Bluegrass Society:


11 — NCBS Santa Clara Historic Train Depot Jam.

22 — Discount Advance Ticket deadline for Good Old Fashioned Bluegrass Festival.


4 — Mail-in ballots must be received at PO Box for NCBS election.

6-9 — NCBS Good Old Fashioned Bluegrass Festival.

7 — Nominations open for 2016 Northern California Bluegrass Awards.

8 — NCBS Board of Directors election.

The Big Party For Northern California Bluegrass Society Volunteers Is On Saturday October 18

Sunday, September 14th, 2014

bglogoThe annual Northern California Bluegrass Society Volunteer Party will be held on Saturday, October 18, 2014.

Volunteers on any Society event or project in the past year should have already received their coveted invitations to the best bluegrass party of the year!

If you have not yet received your invitation, check with your NCBS volunteer “boss,” or contact Volunteer Party Chair (Michael Hall) hallmw (at) gmail (dot) com, who will fix you up!

Upcoming Northern California Bluegrass Society Fall Dates & Deadlines

Friday, August 29th, 2014


Here are the official Northern California Bluegrass Society dates & deadlines for NCBS Members for the fall:

August 31 — Bluegrassin’ In The Foothills Festival deadline for NCBS membership discount.

September 13 — Historic Train Station Jam, Santa Clara (NCBS-welcomed).

September 20 — Jay Howlett & Blah Blah Woof Woof The Woodshed concert (NCBS-welcomed).

September 30 — Deadline for nominations for the 2015 Northern California Bluegrass Awards.

September 30-October 4 — International Bluegrass Music Association World Of Bluegrass Convention (NCBS is IBMA organizational member).

October 11 — Historic Train Station Jam, Santa Clara (NCBS-welcomed).

October 18 — NCBS Volunteer Party.

October 18 — Jody Stecher, Kate Brislin, Suzy Thompson, Eric Thompson, Paul Shelasky, & Paul Knight RBA concert (NCBS-welcomed).

October 23 — Trampled By Turtles & Elephant Revival Fox Theatre-Oakland concert (NCBS-welcomed).

October 24 — Deadline for film submissions for the 2015 NCBS Bluegrass Film Festival.

October 24 — Druha Trava The Woodshed concert (NCBS-welcomed).

October 26 — Roger Siminoff Contemporary Jewish Museum banjo demonstrations & workshop (NCBS-welcomed).

November 1 — Kathy Kallick Band Redwood Bluegrass Associates concert (NCBS-welcomed).

November 8 — Historic Train Station Jam, Santa Clara (NCBS-welcomed).

November 8 — Front Country The Woodshed concert (NCBS-welcomed).

November 13 — First Aid Kit & Samantha Crain Fox Theatre-Oakland concert (.NCBS-welcomed)

November 20 — Eric & Suzy Thompson Contemporary Jewish Museum concert (NCBS-welcomed).

December 6 — Dale Ann Bradley & Steve Gulley RBA concert (NCBS-welcomed).

December 12-13 — Brookdale Bluegrass Festival at Costanoa (NCBS-welcomed).

December 13 — Historic Train Station Jam, Santa Clara (NCBS-welcomed).