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Martin HD-28 Guitar For Sale


2:33 pm
August 11, 2017


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Hey Folks,

I am in Berkeley and am selling my beautiful Martin HD-28 acoustic dreadnought guitar to help pay tuition. I'll be sad to see (and hear) it go. I played like 100 different guitar models around the various show rooms before I bought this guitar and it was and still is the greatest sounding guitar I've heard. More details on the guitar here: or:

Pics at:   Email me if it doesn't work!

The condition:
The guitar is in excellent working condition and it has recently been give a full “set up” and one fret was tuned. This was done by one of the bay area's top guitar techs – Steven Streit (whose shop is located in the Berkeley Jazz School) and the guitar is playing and sounding as good as it ever has with a nice low action on the fretboard. It only has a few minor and superficial scratches and nicks. I purchased it in 2008 and have stored it in it's hard shell case basically for its whole life with only some week-long exceptions where I kept it in on a padded gig stand when I was playing more frequently.

Included with the guitar:
It comes with a locking hard shell case (and key) and the original documentation that authenticates it. You will love this guitar. You are welcome to come by and play it if you think you might be interested in buying it.  Thank you for looking!  


Contact me by email or text (better than using this board as I don't check it often).  

My contact details:

( robby.borton (at) gmail (dot) com

cell: 510-452-7790.

- Robby