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The GOF Kids on Stage 2014:


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September 2, 2014



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My apologies to Donna Pacini-Christensen and Tim Christensen, the NCBS, and Michael Hall for my recent post ranting about the lack of photos for the kids on stage. 

Thank you all for including the Kids on Stage photographs into the photo essay of the GOF.  Thanks also to Dan Warsinger for photos of the Kids on Stage.

Mark Varner wrote on the CBA Welcome Column,
Sept. 1st, about the GOF  and here's my reply to him.

Thanks for your comments and observations about the Kids on Stage program at the Good Old Fashioned Festival. It was great having Marty Varner there at every rehearsal sharing his talents with the kids. We had 7 rehearsals and 1 party to kick it off and a water balloon battle to celebrate and finish it off. The kids worked and rehearsed very hard and ALL their performances were so professional and I am so proud of ALL of them and this includes their parents and teachers as well. We had FUN.

The GOF Kids on Stage 2014:

Teddy and Carter Mather
Maybelle Wildflower Irish
Emily the Bluegrass Dancer
Cassen Martin (his very first performance)
Tessa Schwartz
John Gooding
Maxwell & Griffin Evans
Ethan Daniel
Isabelle, Teresa, and Michael Pilatti
Amaya Rose Dempsey
Helen Lude

The 2014 KOS Awards:
Most Improved Musician: Michael Pilatti
received a Snark Tuner. He now plays guitar, mandolin and bass. While in Oahu, Hawaii at the Bluegrass Campout, Michael played guitar and held his own with many adults who were amazed at his talent.

Last Years Special Achievement Award Winner: John Gooding was given $25.00 for traveling money to IBMA where he'll take part in the Kids on Bluegrass in Raleigh, NC with Kim Fox.

This years Special Achievement Award was given to Amaya Rose Dempsey. She received a fiddle and $25.00 traveling money for IBMA where she'll take part in the Kids on Bluegrass in Raleigh, NC with Kim Fox.  Amaya also won first place in fiddle at the UCLA Topanga Canyon Bluegrass Festival.

Finally, $25.00 was given to Marty Varner for traveling money to Clark University in Boston, Mass. It seemed fitting to recognized how much Marty has grown and how proud we are of his talent and drive and good life attitude.

Thanks also to Frank Solivan for being the shining light on the importance of making a significant place on the stage for our talented kids of Bluegrass Music…by making the CBA aware of the Kids on Bluegrass need and it's now a model for the IBMA… a tip of the hat to Frank Solivan.

As teachers and friends, we nurture, advise, suggest, and get out of the kids way and let them play their musical gifts with recognition of their talents.

Just look at all the talented kids we've all been able to watch grow up and delight us. Angelica, AJ, The Anderson's: Paige,Amy, Ethan, Amy, Alex Sharps, Marty Varner, Molly, Sully & Michael Tuttle.

Last week in Berkeley, 4 of our kids formed a band: “35 years of Trouble”. They each made $50.00 for their first gig! Well done Tessa Schwartz, Helen Lude, John and Jacob Gooding! 

And four of our students are going to be part of the Kids on Bluegrass at IBMA in Raleigh, NC at the end of September. 

Well folks, there's lots more talented kids that are up and coming…
As Al Jolson said, “you ain't seen nothing yet!”