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Walker Creek Spring Camp 2014 – Bass Classes


11:49 am
April 2, 2014


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I wanted to put out an endorsement of Walker Creek Music Camp's April 11-14 series of bass lessons for those bassists starting out and for more advanced players.  On April 11th, camp will be starting with a line up of bass lessons being offered by two of our community's most gifted and accessible artists: Trisha Gagnon and Paul Knight. I took the opportunity one year ago to go to Walker Creek Bluegrass/Old Time Camp to attend the bass class with Danny Booth. This class and the Walker Creek experience was transformational. Trisha and Paul exhibit an elegance and blend in their bass playing, and Trisha brings her beautiful vocal harmonies into that mix. Paul Knight – who can't rave about his goodness as a bass player (Peter Rowan), teacher (I attended his Walker Creek Fall afternoon bass workshop) and master sound engineer. I hope some of you will consider signing up for bass classes at Walker Creek, Marshall is beautiful this time of year and you'll be glad you did. I'm sure Ingrid Noyes is ready to welcome you and give you the detailed information. It's not too late to sign up.